Restoration In Remarriage




This book uses the true life story of the author to provide a detailed account of the difficulties and challenges experienced through divorce and re-marriage. The author, as a born again believer, reveals the reality of being ostracised and judged by both community and the church which contradicts the unconditional love of God. He provides important information on preparing for marriage or re-marriage and delivers a message of hope to those who have failed in marriage and family life. A must read to those who yearn for another chance in life and marriage and for those married persons who are desperate to make their marriage work. This book will outline:

  • The requirements of being successful in re-marriage
  • Guidelines to equip and prepare those intending to marry and stay successfully married
  • The issues regarding divorce and re-marriage which spiritual leaders, churches and counsellors find difficulty in addressing
  • The answers to many divorced and re-married people’s unanswered questions
  • A divine strategy on dealing with step-children
  • What to expect of children dealing with divorce and re-marriage “An interesting book with plenty of food for thought. Ideas are personal, practical and relevant to all married couples and not just those who have re-married.

The overall message is clear and succinct.” Editor’s comment About the author and his wife Gail are the senior pastors and visionaries of Restoration Apostolic and Prophetic (RAP) Ministries in South Africa. They have been counselling people from all walks of life since their re-marriage in 1999 and have since trained many counsellors, intercessors, and prophets. Their calling is to be used by God to bring restoration to people and families in spirit, soul and body through the restored truth of God.