We have formed alliances with a greater network across the world to spread the Word of God.

Leaders: Apostle Stephen & Prophetess Yolonda Garner

Summary: GLOBAL STRATEGIC ALLIANCE – (GSA) is an Apostolic & Prophetic Alliance established to expand the Kingdom of God throughout the nations. Our aim is to bring the global community of believers into alignment with Christ, as our Apostle, in order to fulfill His Commission within their respective regions.

Rivers of Living Waters International


Leaders: Apostle Rod & Prophetess Selena Stevenson

Summary: Our Mission is to exalt Jesus Christ, educate the believer and engage the culture.


Rivers Muskegon


Leaders: Apostle and Author Jeanette Strauss

Summary: The Lord has commissioned us here at glorious Creations to co-labor with Him in the physical adorning and equipping of his bride with symbolic instruments of Praise, Worship, and Intercession.

Glorious Creations Ministries


Leaders: Apostle Eleanor Rielander

Summary: SonRise Apostolic /Prophetic Ministries International is under the leadership of founder Apostle Eleanor Rielander.
Apostle Eleanor has been ordained as a pastor and more recently as an apostle in South Africa and the United States of America. She has ministered in USA, Congo, Kenya, Botswana, and various churches in South Africa.

Son Rise Ministries


Leaders: Apostle Charles & Prophetess Sibongile Samunenge

Summary: An apostolic and prophetic ministry with a “prophet’s heart” to, “Save the lost & strengthen the found”. To reconcile, build up and ignite gifting, callings, and ministries in Believer’s and leaders worldwide.

Eagle’s Wings Ministries International Mbabane